​​Social Media Marketing For Dentists. Everything You Need to Know (Part 2)

Last post we were discussing the concept of marketing for Dentists using SEO. Now its time to get into the more fun stuff. Social Media Marketing. Now here is the thing social media may seem simple but there are some unique intricacies that you need to be aware of. Think of social media as the world’s window into your life. In the sense that this is where your audience can see you, the real you.

1: You don’t have to be everywhere but you have to dominate somewhere

The most successful people on social media tend to be the most active. These folk tend to dominate one or two channels, and they own them. This channel can be any one of your choices but the idea is to learn the ins and outs of that platform. Here are some tips for the top channels:
  • Facebook
Facebook is a place for communities. That’s why groups tend to perform amazingly there. Find a few groups for your sector where your audience is already present and active. Find out what type of content is working and use that. Generally speaking, research has found that video is performing amazingly on Facebook and Live ones even more so. Decide on a tone and stick to it. Things here always start slow but when they pick up, they really pick up.
  • Twitter
Twitter is a content monster. The more content you feed it the better you perform. But this doesn’t mean you have to be random, tweeting the first thing that comes to mind. It means that you need to tweet as often as possible with meaningful and useful content. Twitter loves text and fast-paced news.
  • Instagram
This channel here is all about the glam shots. Before and after photos, lifestyle and beauty all work amazingly here. Use this channel to show your more personal side. The side that enjoys life and that transforms lives. Share stories and content constantly and consistently and you will build an almost religious following.

2: Video Rules Supreme

Previously with low internet speeds, pictures and text were the way to go. But nowadays people have moved to a more natural way of consuming content, video. Facebook pushes video harder than any other type of content. YouTube is one of the top accessed sites on the internet. This says something.

3: Go Live When You Can, As Often As You Can

Live video broadcasts have a unique set of feature that few others have. They are a direct unfettered access to you. No filter, no edits, just direct one to ones. Two, and more importantly live video sends out a notification to your fan-base directly. Regular posts don’t do this and this is an advantage that regular content does not have.


When building a social media presence it is important to be around. You need to show up, constantly and consistently. Whether its a quick shoutout for the day or a long thought leadership piece. Show your audience that you value them and they will reciprocate. And its this audience building that is most important. Its why we ask you to choose a channel and dominate, otherwise you will probably be everywhere but you will do a horrible job of keeping up.


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